Growing up in Kentucky, I saw first hand the damage that can be done from lack of exercise, smoking, poor diet and heart disease.  At the age of 12, I had to perform CPR on my mom after her first heart attack.  After her stent was put in, I started to learn anything and everything I could about how to prevent a 2nd heart attack.    Immediately, she started Plavix and a host of BP medications that at times completely zapped her of energy.   We tried dietary changes, started walking in the evenings and did our best to push back against heart disease.

In time, the heart disease caught up with my mom and this story did not end well for my family.

I am sure there are thousands out there that have lost their loved ones to similar situations.  


Although I am not a medical person (see our medical disclaimer here) I do research and study the supplement industry.  By the age of 30, although I exercised daily and appeared to be fit and healthy, my heredity was already causing problems for my BP.  I had my first heart cath done at age 30 after working outside doing yard work in 90 degree temperatures.   Luckily, the heart cath came back clear but my doctor wanted me to start BP medication immediately.  After recalling the tiredness and fatigue my mom had with BP medications I started studying ever possible alternative I could use to lower my BP naturally.

The good news is that through natural supplements I was able to stay within the ‘normal range’.  Now in my early forties, I have avoided the prescription medications and still live an active lifestyle.   I started this site to help you find a healthier path too.   With that said, not every one should avoid their Rx.  For some, these are life saving medications and are required.

For others though, we hope to help you find a natural path to a maintaining a healthy BP.

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